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Stats Don’t Lie – Puck Luck

Statistics don’t lie because you can manipulate them to say just about anything you want. Welcome to your weekly dose of stats and why they matter to your fantasy lineup. This week’s focus: Puck Luck in the NHL. What is Puck Luck? If you’re anything like my father, right now you’re saying to yourself “Puck Luck? How stupid. Luck is

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10/24 TNF Pick Six: Part Two

Six Leg Parlay Part two of this weekly series involves a six leg NFL parlay that includes the Thursday Night Football game. No in-depth analysis. No crunching numbers. Just an old school Pick Six. Minnesota Vikings -16.5 (-115) New York Giants ML +255 Jacksonville Jaguars -6 (-110) New England Patriots -13.5 (-110) Green Bay Packers -4 (-105) Oakland Raiders ML

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10/24 TNF Pick Six

DraftKings Thursday Night Football Showdown

Welcome to Thursday Night Football Pick Six! This two part weekly article will cover the DraftKings Thursday Night Football Showdown as well as my favorite choices for a 6-leg NFL Parlay that includes the TNF game. Redskins @ Vikings Showdown Remember when I said that we finally had a Monday Night football game that wasn’t going to be a snooze

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Autumn Beer Go To

Photo by Sarah Gualtieri on Unsplash

The Best Way To Spread Halloween Cheer, Is Drinking Lots Of Pumpkin Beer – Pumpkin Elf It’s that time of year. The first leaf has fallen and it’s now the season of the Basic Bro. That means Pumpkin Beer, and a lot of it. The perfect transition to cold weather lies in the cans of Odyssey Beerwerks from Arvada, Colorado

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